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727 East 600 South, Salt Lake City, UT, 84102
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I've lived at braxton for a little over a year now and I couldn't have asked for a better place to live. It's pet friendly and my dog has made several...

I've lived here for about 2 years and I rate it a solid 5 stars. All of the apartments are newly renovated and the location can't be beat! Walking distance...

Great place to live if you are looking for downtown life with walkable grocery stores and restaurants. Close to Liberty Park as well. The places is a few years old now, but my unit had been completely remodeled when I moved in a year ago. Also, being on 700E gives you great access to I-80 and along 500S and 600S gets you onto I-15 in minutes.

Such beautifull apartments. Perfect!

I love living here! By far the best apartment complex I have lived in in Salt Lake. Meilina and Denis are awesome! The location is perfect, the apartments are well maintained with great natural lighting and the dog run and grass courtyard are great for pups. Overall, great value for an affordable price!

Very nice units (both size and quality) in an incredible location, but the best part about The Braxton is the staff. Both the property manager and maintenance are responsive, timely, and extremely helpful. They genuinely care about the building, amenities, and residents which is a nice change of pace after dealing with so many real estate companies and landlords who don't seem to care about anything but collecting rent. Having Trolley Square across the street and several grocers nearby makes food shopping really easy, and although street parking isn't an issue, having the covered parking garage as an option is super convenient. The pool/hot tub area is also really nice and feels as though you're not even in the valley. Overall, I'd highly recommend checking out The Braxton if you need an apartment. It's by far the best one I've found in SLC.

I??ve really enjoyed living here since moving about a month ago! The location is great, less than 10 minutes to downtown, less than ten minutes to Sugarhouse, and less than ten minutes to the University! Plus it is within walking distance to coffee shops, grocery stores and restaurants! The outdoor dog area has been a lifesaver since adopting a puppy, and the building manager and maintenance have all been super nice and helpful. The units are clean and updated! Great community to live in!

This apartment complex is great! It's very conveniently located in downtown SLC. Love the community areas like the pool and bbq space. The manager, Meilina, is incredible! She's a one-woman show at this complex, but you would never know it because she's so on top of her stuff. She is incredibly sweet, friendly, organized, and just gets stuff done. I've never had an unpleasant interaction with her, or with the maintenance people. We enjoy the property very much. But the staff that run the property are really the best part.

If you're searching for an apartment, look no further. I have been living here at Braxton for a couple of months now and couldn't be happier. After spending weeks looking for the perfect apartment, I knew I found the right one when I discovered Braxton. It's in a great location, the unit and entire complex is immaculate, and there ISN'T a "required" media package, which was important for me. On top of all of this, the property manager is super helpful and has been very effective at answering any questions promptly.

I have lived at Braxton for almost a year. I have enjoyed my time here very much. There have been very few problems but if there were any Seth (maintenance manager) and Meilina (Braxton manager) have been extremely helpful in getting things fixed. These two do a great job at making tenants feel comfortable and even go out of their way to make sure packages are delivered promptly. Highly recommend Braxton to rent.

the braxton has been home for me for two years. the location is pretty central, while still having a comfortable, relaxing neighborhood feeling. the property management has been flawless and so easy to communicate with about everything. same goes with maintenance! parking is super accessible, either pay the owners to use the parking garage or street parking. paying extra for the garage was perfect for a lot of reasons, but mostly for winter, no snow to scrape off. walking distance to liberty park, 9th and 9th and two different Smith??s! the apartment it??s self, has wonderful natural lighting, big windows in both rooms and a patio! the newly remodeled feel was modern and comfortable. easy to move things in and out, and they do have an area by the dumpsters to recycle. the neighbors are quite, but we live right by a main gate from the front entrance, and would occasionally hear the slam of a gate late at night on the weekends. the hallways are open and are surrounded by trees leading to the parking garage. it??s a really sweet and stress-free place to live and i??ve truly enjoyed it and the staff that keep this place running wonderfully.

I have really enjoyed living at Braxton! It is in the perfect location and very walkable to lots of great restaurants on 9th and 9th and Trolley Square as well as grocery stores and TRAX. Our newly renovated apartment is beautiful and very open with lots of windows and natural light. Sometimes we don't even need to turn on any lights during the day with all the natural light! We live on the Southeast side of the building (facing 600 S) and have never had a problem with noise. The property management staff are personable and easily accessible. Maintenance requests and any concerns are always addressed very quickly. It has been a great experience living here.

I've really enjoyed living here. The location is great (across the street from Trolley Square and Whole foods and within walking distance of liberty park and multiple grocery stores). Parking is not an issue here like it is at other complexes in downtown. There's a gated garage and a small parking lot. There's also a ton of street parking. It is clean and feels very safe. The apartments are large and very nice for the price. The office has always been really responsive to requests and super flexible, which I really appreciate. I live in one of the apartments that face 700 E. It's a pretty busy street, and there's traffic 24 hours a day. One of my biggest concerns before moving in was that noise/lights would be distracting. The first week or so, I had to use white noise and eye masks to sleep, but I adjusted really quickly and I don't notice it all anymore. If you're looking at one of the apartments on that side of the complex, it might not be for you if you are a super light sleeper, but most likely it won't be an issue at all. I would definitely recommend living here.

Great location and really helpful staff and apartment maintenance. Lovely clubhouse for events as well! Maintenance of grounds/stairways could improve, but love living here overall. Highly recommend this place!
We love it here. The management is great to work with and if there is something we need to have fixed maintenance is great. The size of the apartment is perfect for my husband and l, even with the animals we have. We want to stay here longer than our lease, so we will probably renew when the time comes.

I love living here.

Braxton is a wonderful apartment complex. The inside is modern, has great light, and huge rooms. The pool/community area is beautiful. The complex is quiet and the neighborhood is amazing. The manager has been extremely helpful. We love it here!

I've lived here for 2 years now and just signed a third lease. It's quite, functional, modern. The open air hallways are wide and makes moving easy. The pool is nice, secluded, clean and relaxing, surrounded by trees and not traffic. All my maintenance requests have been taken care of within 24-48 hours. The staff is really on the ball, they are both very friendly and accommodating, but most important they fair and professional. Aside from the occasional door slam, I never see or hear my neighbors. There was one occasion where I had to call security, they showed up in maybe 10 minutes resolved the problem. The out-of-state owners of this building (not the staff ) take every opportunity to pass costs on to the renters. Nothing is included with rent. The monthly communal utility bill is frustrating and seems incorrectly calculated ($65+). Recently the landlords have decided to pass the property tax onto us, so I'm paying $10/month "property tax" for property I don't own... Parking on the street is scarce, mostly because the owners charge you to park in the empty garage, I park in the garage, its worth it, but my friends are always complaining about parking. There has been some turnover in the staffing in the last two years, some have been better than others but they have always gotten the job done. I suspect they are under paid. This place is on the expensive side, but you are paying to live in an awesome neighborhood, the restaurants are fantastic, and my girlfriends always feel safe.

I really like this apartment it looks great and is in a great location, but it has just a few problems. Such as there is a dip in our halway floor and a hole in the laundry room door which have never been fix with asking. All other problems have been fixed in a quick friend manner. This with it being a bit small in the bedrooms I can??t rate it 5 but I would rate it 4.5 if I could.

The Braxtons are generally a very great apartment! We've enjoyed our stay here without any major issues. The only problems we've had have been with fellow residents, not with management or the apartments themselves. The remodels are beautiful and the facilities are maintained very well. The one downside we've noticed is the great parts about this complex attracts a rather entitled crowd who expects management to clean up after them rather than do it themselves, so there is overflowing trash bins from time to time and dog poop left in the dog run for extended periods. Hard for management to control this, but they do their best and have sent out numerous warnings on the matter.

I very much enjoy living here. The amenities are very good. My apartment is airily and large and the garage is very nice and convenient. The staff here are very kind and helpful. They have been gracious to me. I believe, however, that they work very hard and some additional help would be valued. Especially in the outdoor hallways and facility. The outdoor recreational facilities are very good. I would like to thank Maylina and Andrew for many kindnesses. They are a valued asset. Joyce Cordero

UPDATED 10/6: I originally wrote a negative review about not getting refunded my deposit, but after the longer term manager left over the summer, it sounds like they went through multiple management changes. It's taken a couple of months, but I am getting refunded my deposit. My experience living here was overall positive. We had an ant problem for awhile, but they were quick to spray each time. The common facilities were good. The parking garage sometimes was a mess because other tenants will allow their friends to park there and the towing company isn't keen to come and remove them. But most of the other tenants were really good and courteous. Dog friendly (there's even a little dog run behind the garage with bags). It was a little pricier, especially now that they have remodeled everything, but the location and amenities made up for it for me. I could walk to Trader Joe's, Smith's, restaurants, Whole Foods, TRAX. I also LOVED the size of my apartment. Big and close to everything. Not rating five stars just because of some of the issues that occurred while living here with neighbors, parking. If the new manager is as good as Brittany was, then I would definitely recommend living here.

The maintenance guy here bends over backwards for you and is always very helpful, as well as the lady in the leasing office.

We're the first people to move into our recently upgraded apartment and so far it's been a fantastic experience. The staff in the clubhouse have been very attentive and responsive to any questions we've had throughout the move. The complex is over all very quiet, although due to the fact that it's a wood framed building, the upstairs noise is noticeable but not excessive. The location can't be beat and the unit size is perfect. (Three bedroom) Can't wait to use the pool in the summer!

I came with my husband this summer while he was on a rotation with his program. Although my children were disappointed that the pool was closed, we enjoyed it there. We managed to get a couple weeks of swimming in before we needed to leave. The front office staff is extremely kind and accommodating. My only grievance was the noise caused by construction workers (but that was due to me having to stay up late getting my child to sleep, so I would sleep in) as well as we could hear the person above us. The improvements to the apartment while we were there were amazing, and is located in a great area. My Son often misses it there and often asks to go back.